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Epiphone Wilshire guitar review | Loudest Review Winner!

Epiphone Worn '66 Wilshire Electric Guitar, Worn Cherry

Herbie does a very entertaining look of the new Epiphone Wilshire re issue. Listen also to the audio samples we have prepared in the video as well as some this tracks taken from a 24 bit professional recording studio.

Line Guitar - pickup: Brige - AMp Simulator: Guitar Rig on ProTools
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge - 2 guitar tracks
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge - SINGLE NOTE ARPEGIO ( We like this one )
4 guitars mixed
Full mix with other instruments ( We like it!
Here's the video transcript for future references:
H Everybody. Welcome again to one of the videos by Loudest reviews.
Today we're going to be showing you a re issue of the Epiphone Wilshire.
This a classic design that Epiphone started doing in the early 60s.
Originally came out with some other humbuckers, the P90 single coils. Later on on 65, 66 they switch to this type of humbucker, the mini humbuckers, and that became a classic among rock artist. From Jimmy Hendrix, to Johnny winters, Paul Gilbert


Epiphone Introduces a new Limited Edition 1960 Les Paul Standard

Epiphone introduces the new, Ltd Ed "1960" Les Paul Standard honoring 50 years from the start of an era. The 1960 Les Paul initially carried over the same basic specifications as its predecessor from 1959. Among these details were the full, rounded "D" shaped neck profile, top-hat control knobs, and optional Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. These characteristics can be found in Epiphone's new "Version-1" 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard.