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Acoustic 260 bass amp combo review | Loudest Review bass winner!

Acoustic 260 100W 1x10 Bass Mini Stack, Black

Martin does an exhaustive video look of the new Acoustic 260 bass combo. It might come in a small package, but it carries some enormous bass sound.

Here's the video transcript for future references:
This is Martin from Loudest Reviews and Today we're going to talk about Acoustic.
In the 1990 several different individuals were working on bringing the Acoustic brand back. None of them were successful except for two: the brand we have here today and another very premium version that is coming. A scale down version of the famous 360, 361 but brought down to a $299 practice amp It was so cute, I couldn't resist. So eventually I brought the Acoustic 260 and to my surprise when I got it home It sounded very good.


A look at Acoustic bass and guitars cabinets history

Acoustic the Rolls Royce of the bass cabinets of the last century is back with some new and existing line. In this video we go back to Acoustic's history and the reasons behind its legendary success with cabinets such as the Acoustic 361 combo.

Here's the video transcript for future references:
Hi, this is Martin from Loudest reviews and today we're going to talk about Acoustic.
Acoustic is a very dear brand to me in fact when I was in High-school
all the bassist crave Acoustic In fact, most of the time when other people
were hidden, lets just say some kinds of magazine under their beds
I was reading the Acoustic catalog In fact that Acoustic catalog was quite worn out by me.