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  • The TC Electronics Staccato 51
    Rocco's Tower of Power bass secret.

    Tc Electronics
  • The Ibanez ATB200 Artcore Series Bass Guitar
    Rich earthy, woodier sound in a sexy hollow body.

    Ibanez Artcore
  • The Phil Jones Bass Cub Combo
    Listen to the versatile shoe box
    size amp that sounds great!

    Phil Jones Bass Cub review
  • The Tycoon Percussion Cajon
    The Vertex Series Cajon is here, Check it out!.

    Tycoon Vertex series cajon
  • The Orange Terror 500W Combo
    A Warm and vintage sound covered in Orange.

  • The Epiphone Wilshire winner review!
    A re issue of a very classic guitar at a very affordable price.

  • The Acoustic's 260 review is here
    Check out this small amp with huge sound.

  • Join us for Acoustic's History
    the Rolls royce of bass cabinets and amplifiers.

  • Join us on our first review of the
    Mannedesign Ventura T guitar

  • It's the Toca Black Mamba
    A rhythmic adventure you can't miss!

  • The unique and only Atlantis by
    LightWave System


Paul Reed Smith plays with the new DC3

In this Video from Paul Reed Smith you can see the DC3 in action. It would be extremely cool to get a chance to review this guitar. As Paul states at the beginning of the video: "Guitars are like motor vehicles... When you learn hot to drive a car with a stick shift is different than drive a car with automatic..."

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Stu Hamm Introduces His New Washburn AB40SH Acoustic Bass

Stu Hamm new acoustic guitar bassStu Hamm, writer of several education bass books such "Bass guitar basics"  has created a new acoustic bass model,  together with  Washburn. It's the acoustic AB-40 SH. Guitar is available in Black Cherry Burst and in natural color and comes with a Mahogany neck with Maple sides and Arched maple back. You can check out the presentation video at Washburn site.


Gibson announces the new “revolutionary” Firebird X

Gibson have unveiled their latest new model, the Firebird X. Ace Frehley, The Roots’ Kirk Douglas, Eddie Ojeda and Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister, Lou Pallo, Russ Paul were all drafted in to attend the launch where CEO Juszkiewicz modestly described it as “an instrument light years ahead of anything ever built”.

“This is new. This is different. This is revolution,” he declared before unveiling the axe. “Nobody looks and spends the time to reinvent the guitar. This is a new guitar.”

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Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe

Meinl African rope tuned wood Djembe, Earth L

Check out our video of the Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

This is another review for Loudest reviews.com My name is Diego Today we have this Meinl drum Meinl is a German company that does a lot of percussion instruments they do some really nice stuff and this is not exception This drum is originally made and manufactured in Indonesia It's made out of Mahogany wood that is legal harvest Mahogany wood
and that's very important You can see that its rope system It's original with the african drums It also has a very nice


Mannedesign Ventura T | Video review

Check out our video of theMannedesign Ventura T. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

Hello. This is Gervasio from Neworld music. This is our first review for Loudest reviews We appreciate the time to share with you This new model by Mannedesign is the Ventura T model Mannedesign is a company created by
Andrea Ballarin It's an Italian luthier that has been making custom made guitars, high-end guitars since the 80s
The set-up that arrives from the factory is just pristine quality You can see that it has all very nice features that you usually would find in high-end custom made instruments only Starting from the head the tuners are very precise
I've experienced while tuning the instrument you can see that they're very precise tuners they're custom made for Manne It has an incredible nut that give the instrument a great sustain together with Wilkinson tremolo bar
really when you look at the finish of the guitar you can see it has an amazing lacquer finish and very nice natural


LightWave Atlantis guitar

LightWave Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitar with Spruce Top, Clear Gloss

Check out our video of the LightWave system Atlantis. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

Hello Everybody, this is the LightWave Atlantis we are reviewing today LightWave has developed an optical transparent pickup that is unique it has it patented It uses infrared light to detect when the strings are vibrating
so it not interfere with the movement instead of having a magnetic field around the strings it uses infrared light
to see the movement of the strings this system gives you a very natural sound It uses a battery, a rechargeable battery a supplied transformer that plugs here and charges the battery that it's located inside here A whole PCV


Toca Black Mamba djembe

Toca Synergy Black Mamba Djembe with Bag and Djembe Hat, 13 In

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