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Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe

Meinl African rope tuned wood Djembe, Earth L

Check out our video of the Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

This is another review for Loudest reviews.com My name is Diego Today we have this Meinl drum Meinl is a German company that does a lot of percussion instruments they do some really nice stuff and this is not exception This drum is originally made and manufactured in Indonesia It's made out of Mahogany wood that is legal harvest Mahogany wood
and that's very important You can see that its rope system It's original with the african drums It also has a very nice


Toca Black Mamba djembe

Toca Synergy Black Mamba Djembe with Bag and Djembe Hat, 13 In

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