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Loudest Reviews started as a simple idea: Create and share with the community a gallery of independent produced music instrument reviews.
Music instruments in all forms, sounds and shapes. Big and small, deep and shallow.
Our main objective is to share and extend our musical fascination with all our friends and visitors from close and far.

Our reviews might not be typical in format or style, since we try very hard to make them as entertaining as possible. We feel its more fun this way. 🙂

Loudest Reviews, is and always will be, a work in progress project. We expect many good things to evolve and mutate. That's why we rely on the community of musicians and music aficionados for their continuing support and feedback. Every band needs an audience and we love to hear back from you.

Hope you enjoy what we're doing, we definitely do!

2012 Current Loudest reviews staff:

Diego A Waisman - Drums & percussion

Diego is a interactive designer and owner of OneBluePrint Studios in Miami Beach, FL.
From an early age, he started playing percussion as well as with his brother's Commodore 64 computer.
Diego's fascination for design and motion graphics took him across the continent for a computer animation degree that later evolved into his interactive profession.
He finds exhilarating mixing his two true passions, online communication and music. Loudest Reviews is living proof of that.
His deep love for drums, percussion - and every imaginable thing you can hit on - has taken him to develop ideas and concepts where technology meets music in different platforms and stages.
You might find him developing a new digital campaign for a client or at any of the miamidrums.com South Florida's drum circles he promotes.

Gervasio Goris aka Herbieman - Recording equipment and Guitars

Since he was kid music fascinated him. During a sailing trip to Uruguay he got captivated by the sweet sound of a nylon string playing Argentinean folklore. He has been playing , composing, recording, producing and flying high ever since. He was a member of the renowned rock fusion Argentinean group Scherzo and after 7 years with them, Gervasio decided it was time to pack his guitars aboard another sailboat that would bring him to Miami. When he arrived, after 3 months at sea, he edited his first solo album under the name Herbieman, and quickly got recognition from the local press. In Miami he shared the stage with Ojos de Brujo and Seu Jorge while playing with bands such as Kayakman and Blue Light Special. He wrote the score for the movie ’Mi Historia My culture’ by Chuchi Rivero and continued to develop his talent in the commercial world writing jingles for brands like Zippo, Sony, and Mc Donald’s. Today he keeps searching for that perfect guitar note that could eventually change the world.