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TC Electronics Staccato 51 Bass head review

TC Electronic Staccato '51 450W Bass Amp Head Custom-Tuned by Rocco Prestia from Tower of Power

Welcome back again to another episode of Loudest Reviews. This is the TC Electronics Staccato '51. 51 is for 1951 Which is the year Rocco Prestia
The Fabulous bass player for Tower of Power was born.
Staccato '51 was a joined effort between Uffe Hansen at TC Electronics in Denmark and Rocco After the original TC Electronic bass had came out RH 450 TC Electronics approach Rocco and they said if he being interested in trying and he said yes, and they collaborated on modifying the original 450 into this new Staccato '51
Though Roccos suggestions they modified all the circuits Spectrecom, Compressor circuit which is completely variable their tube emulation circuits, also variable
and lastly the fact that you can actually pre set three different settings
So you can find the settings you like for certain songs, or for a time you're soloing a time when you're playing regularly memorized them and activate them
through an optional foot switch. A kind a neat Chromatic tuner right out on the front panel. So at any time when you're playing you can glance over to it
to see if you're in tune The tuner is not defeatable. It runs all the time
also, the controls in the front are little LED that light up as you change the settings It's actually quite neat on stage and very easy to see.
When you want to get into the secondary functions Actually it works of a switch button so you shift and then get into the other settings off the same knob
Different kinds of digital connections. You can actually connect this into a mixing board or do digital out for recording You like the sound you're getting out and want to use it for studio recording just bring your head to the studio they can take different outputs right of the back of it to the highest possible fidelity
The engineering on this from a digital perspective is very sophisticated more sophisticated that you see on any other bass product in the market. So from a
circuitry point of view, and from an electronics point of view this is studio quality gear The case on this it's all beautifully machine aluminum. Top, around on the side You can flip it up like this carry it, and it has feet on the bottom as well. Again all machined aluminum trough out It's probably the nicest case and one of the most attractive pieces of gear you'll own.
TC Electronic calls this bass 2.0. Sort of the new evolution of where bass gear is going in their perspective.
They now have a range of head and cabinets I will say that we did try it on a live gig with a 1 x12 cabinet on one of our rock gigs and it had tremendous power
tremendous bass response, even with the cabinet off the floor and you could hear the sound beautifully all over the club with great dispersion, and you could actually hear it outside in the street very cleanly also so the sounds projects very well.
It's not an inexpensive piece. It's $1200 on the street but it's beautifully constructed and I believe this will last quite a long time and can go on the road for a very long time with no hiccups.
It's absolutely professional grade gear. The cabinets are set up in such a way to match the head so, you can actually drive 3 cabinets from one head and perfectly
acceptable, perfectly within the specifications of the head and there's quite a variety of cabinet combinations So you could literally build a rig with one, two or three cabinets and that's kind of unusual usually the bass heads with this kind of configuration are not design to run three cabinets but with TC Electronics design from the word go to run three cabinets of the single head.
So, you'll be hearing more about TC electronics from us and I highly recommend you to give it a listen and check it out for own need. This is Martin from Loudest Reviews.
Thanks very much

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