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Phil Jones Bass Cub Bass Combo Review

Hi, It's Martin again from Loudest reviews thanks everybody for tuning in again
this is a latest review of the Phil Jones Bass Cub.
The bass cub combo It's Phil's attempt to make the smallest lightest bass amplifier that you can really use on a gig in the market. Now I know that Phil It would say is a practice amp. If you're sensitive about your volumes and the band doesn't play extremely loud and the drummer is somewhat sensitive and you position it properly
you can actually use it on a small gig. A duo, a trio or maybe even a quartet
Absolutely for upright bass with the assumption of the upright bass the band
is not playing that loud anyway I had a long Let's say affair with Phil Jones
don't tell his wife!
I have to say Phil Jone's equipment is very flat sounding. It has a beautiful open mid range tone. Very even response. What I particularly I always liked about Phil's stuff is I'm not really one that slaps, so I don't really need a lot of twitter or horn. I don't need a lot of brightness on my sound
I just like a really good finger style tone from top to bottom and since there's no twitter, and not really crossover to speak of It's just all this drivers moving in unison you get a beautiful even sound from top to bottom. It's not like a different sound the high notes and a different sound on the low notes. It's one even tone, top to bottom.
Phil started out as a High end audio speaker designer schooled with some of the best minds in the home audio speaker industry. When the big speakers where being built in England. Phil starter under one of the best designers in the world
and then branched out to make some of his own products but for me the question is if you can actually play with a real drummer in a small room, and the answer is yes, you can definitely can, just have to watch your volumes.
You'll be running it near full out but it's got a limiter if you're careful you should be fine It's two channel, which you'll never see on a practice amp. So one channel is designed to take in miked piezo pickup instruments so, ideal for an upright bass where you want to run a microphone that's attached to the bass, or placed adjacent to the bass and a piezo or a magnetic pickup into a second channel
So you have a miked channel and a typical magnetic pickup or piezo pickup channel
One of Phil's unique concepts is he uses room boundaries to enhance space response
when a speaker cabinet is freely in the room like 3 or 4 feet away from any wall
there no real boundary effect except the floor So it's getting some bass enhancement from the first reflection coming off the floor, If you move it back to a wall Now you have two boundaries. That tends to enhance bass frequencies even further. If you go to a corner you have the two walls, the corner and the floor
so you have three boundaries So the more boundaries you put with it the more low bass you'll get. Sells for up to close $550 So it's not a typical practice amp
Practice amp are like 49.99, 199 maybe So It's not on the practice amp category
but certainly the practice amp size It weights 13.5 lb A little bigger than a shoe box So in terms of size it's really in the practice amp domain but in terms of price is not.
It's considerably more expensive It's really for someone who wants a very fine practice amp particularly somebody that plays double bass or someone who wants to take an amp on the gig a small gig with controlled volume I played a lot of practice amps even by very good companies, 60W, 40 W, 100 W. They're built to a price, you know $199, $149. They don't really sound like their bigger brothers in that same product line They're a very scaled down version. To my opinion not very good sound. For me practice amps never really did it Even though this is marketed as a practice amp It's not a practice amp in my eyes 'cause it sounds good even at practice volumes, and so I personally wouldn't buy practice amps for my own use
Phil Jones bass cub brakes new ground It's a 13 pound bass amplifier and given the limitations that I mention you can actually play small gigs with it and certainly rehearsals all day long and not have the box of the practice amp you got so much flexibility you can use it with an acoustic bass or an electric bass running a mic and a pickup.
It's really terrific for what we called doubler bassist system that run both kinds of instruments.
If you haven't had a chance to check out Phil Jones products, do yourself a favor
check out their website, see what there's give one a spin They're really fantastic stuff. Something that should be on everybody's arsenal. This is Martin from loudest reviews, thank you very much for tunning in!

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