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Tycoon Percussion Cajon Vertex Series Review

Tycoon Vertex Series Cajon with Bubinga Body and Makah Burl Front Plate

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Loudest Reviews. Today we have this wonderful cajon by Tycoon Percussion. It's the Vertex Series
and It's made out of Bubinga wood. Bubinga wood is mainly found in Africa and it's one of the Rosewood family. You can see it because of the red color of the cajon
Tycoon percussion has been doing a lot of very nice and interesting products since 2006. They started they operations here in America in 2006.
One of the key features of the Bubinga wood is its bright and clear tone and you can definitely hear that when you're playing the instrument.
I really like the combination of the different sounds but I'd have to say I was extremely impress by how deep and rich the bass tone was
This cajon is made in Thailand. It has a pyramid style shape and you can see on the edges that they were all rounded, that actually increases the comfortably of the person playing on top of it.
This rubber legs at the bottom of the cajon since you're going to be playing on top of it having something that would not slide I think it's very important.
Overall I have to say It's really nice. I took it on a live gig where it was kind of an unplugged type of intimate session. It's really nice to have an instrument who can produce a variety of different sounds in a single piece.
The cajon is originally used for flamenco music in Spain and also in different rhythms from other regions in Latin America.
Not until recently we have seen the combination of the cajon and other instruments in more modern pop and rock music. I think it's a really nice addition, because the variety of sounds that you can get out of the cajon are really nice, and they can fit into very subtle and different ensembles. From an unplugged session to a more intimate maybe Jazz trio or Pop with a singer. I think it blends really well.
So, signing off for Loudest Reviews my name is Diego. I hope you like it and if you have a suggestion for another instrument you want us to review just drop us a line here on our Youtube channel or at our website: Loudestreviews.com. Take care, Bye bye.

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