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Epiphone Wilshire guitar review | Loudest Review Winner!

Epiphone Worn '66 Wilshire Electric Guitar, Worn Cherry

Herbie does a very entertaining look of the new Epiphone Wilshire re issue. Listen also to the audio samples we have prepared in the video as well as some this tracks taken from a 24 bit professional recording studio.

Line Guitar - pickup: Brige - AMp Simulator: Guitar Rig on ProTools
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge - 2 guitar tracks
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge - SINGLE NOTE ARPEGIO ( We like this one )
4 guitars mixed
Full mix with other instruments ( We like it!
Here's the video transcript for future references:
H Everybody. Welcome again to one of the videos by Loudest reviews.
Today we're going to be showing you a re issue of the Epiphone Wilshire.
This a classic design that Epiphone started doing in the early 60s.
Originally came out with some other humbuckers, the P90 single coils. Later on on 65, 66 they switch to this type of humbucker, the mini humbuckers, and that became a classic among rock artist. From Jimmy Hendrix, to Johnny winters, Paul Gilbert
and it became really after it got discontinued a very sought after model. One of those in the vintage market, it will cost you a lot of Doe, probably 5 to 10 grand for one of those 60s Wilshire models and they actually sound amazing.
This is without a doubt a faithful reproduction of those or at least one that sound really, really great.
All right!. It's sounding a little loud in the studio, We're rocking!
As you can see the Epiphone Wilshire excels when using distortion and the bridge humbucker.
I particularly love the very balanced a little compressed sound that of course has to do with the Fender Tone master that I'm using now. It's a classic, you know, Marshall distortion. I think it particularly sounds amazing with the minihumbuckers
in the bridge position. I'm going to play some other power chord so you can hear the distorted sounds that you may use. From classic rock, to more modern rock
even to some heavy styles where you could apply, heavy, heavy distortion
to this humbucker.
Combination of both, and when you go to the bridge a little more mellow. If you don't hit it hard it will sound less bright. This is more of a sound for soloing that I will try now. It sounds pretty interesting...
I like it!
If you want it you could get a lot of harmonics by doing the guitar thing.
I think this is a guitar, could be use for any rock style, wherever you're into blues or more hard rock. The bat, the batwing. It looks a little bit like a batwing
and it gives it a retro look that seems very cool to me I like the appeal.
You have the gold letters of Epiphone and of course the classic logo it features in this model die cast tuners. I found them in my few tuning sessions here at the studio that they are very very precise and they do not move they don't let the string get out of tune very easily.
I tend to check for tuning all the time having played with guitars that go out of tune very easily and I have to say that this one stays in tune perfectly well.
You'll have to abuse it a lot so it could go out of tune also the headstock angle helps a bit to keep the tuning in place The guitar is made out of Mahogany wood
the body and the glued in neck. In this case the finish we have is the worn cherry red. Of course the fret board is Rosewood. Very balanced, when you switch
from one to the other. Neck. The combination of both and now the bridge.
This is a little more High sounding. And something else I really like about the guitar is that when you use the combination of both each volume and tone. That's marked with the letter V and T, Of course this volume and tone correspond,
to the neck pickup and this two to the bridge. They can be combined kind like a mixer. If you reduced the volume. It adjust exactly the amount of volume you provide from each microphone to the output. All in all, I would name this Epiphone Wilshire re issue that Epiphone has very generously sent over, we're going to send it back don't worry, shortly, a winner. This is a winner guitar for sure
very inexpensive, affordable for all kinds of guitar players and it provides with quality of a very expensive guitar. Another important thing to mention
is that it's a very light guitar I used to have a teacher that said anything that's heavy is good, and I kind of agreed with him most guitar players think that a heavy guitar is a good guitar. This would be an exception. This a very light guitar
that sounds amazing and it's very well constructed Without a doubt I'd give it a shot and test it if you have a chance to do so See if it fits your style
Epiphone WilshireMost probably will. Because it's a versatile instrument that can be used in most any style I'd say.
Signing off, once again, Gervasio. Thanks again for watching loudest reviews
support it and see you soon.

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