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Acoustic 260 bass amp combo review | Loudest Review bass winner!

Acoustic 260 100W 1x10 Bass Mini Stack, Black

Martin does an exhaustive video look of the new Acoustic 260 bass combo. It might come in a small package, but it carries some enormous bass sound.

Here's the video transcript for future references:
This is Martin from Loudest Reviews and Today we're going to talk about Acoustic.
In the 1990 several different individuals were working on bringing the Acoustic brand back. None of them were successful except for two: the brand we have here today and another very premium version that is coming. A scale down version of the famous 360, 361 but brought down to a $299 practice amp It was so cute, I couldn't resist. So eventually I brought the Acoustic 260 and to my surprise when I got it home It sounded very good.
The 260 features a 100 W head and a single tenant speaker in a rather large cabinet The speaker is actually at the top of the cabinet but the rest of the cabinet is used for acoustic purposes; So it's not just a dummy space no purpose what so ever The head itself, It's round... 9 pounds...? The cabinet is about 25 pounds. So you're looking to a total of 34 pounds. Interestingly enough, It has a 360 style handle on the back and wheels. Takes a single cord in jack to the back of the cabinet A single quarter jack to the head, That's all there's The grill is removable, but not easily. There's a headphone jack, and auxiliary in. An active input, passive input. There's no line out necessary, you'd have to take the headphone out if you want to put out to a PA. Three band EQ and volume control
Simple controls, very easy to use It doesn’t actually get very hot which I was happy to hear. Most interesting to me, is the quality of the workmanship. Again, this is a $299 dollar street price product I actually heard them sometimes discounting below that. The corners are metal and screwed in place. There's white piping on the cabinet. Something I was very curious about, there're plastic knobs of course, but this front is not plastic. This are actually metal fronts with the indentation to help you locate the exact position of the knob.
Very surprising Also the head got a wood case but It's metal everywhere there's no plastic pieces Very well constructed surprisingly so.
I had this amp, probably about a year now and I had no problems with the tollex peeling as it does often with inexpensive amps. So, very impressive for the price
In the original 360, 361 combination It was an 18 inch vega driver firing backwards in a complicated baffling system this is just a straight front firing speaker There are no ports anywhere but I don't think is Acoustic suspension I believe there's some sound coming out from the bottom
The first thing to know about the Acoustic 260 is that is not just a practice amp Although I sounds excellent playing by yourself at low volumes It gets quite loud and interestingly enough, the single tenant speaker in most people's practice rooms has a tremendous amount of low end here's my little b; as clean as can be and the tone is quite even from top to bottom so, at low volumes is great but what happen when you get a little louder.
I've played this amplifier by myself a louder volumes where the wall starts to raddle and I also played it live on a gig that particularly gig was in about a 1000 sq room drums, pretty loud guitar, a singer and a PA. The amp did not go over the PA. Although I was standing on top of the amplifier and felt I was at is limit during our loudest songs It was wonderful during those quiter passages and anything in medium volumes no problem. Late on at night I moved forward Maybe 1 or 20 feet Instead of standing right in front of the amp I got out, Actually in front of the singer I was quite surprised to hear that the amplifier was completely filling the room .In fact, they were telling me to turn down which was quite surprising, since standing in front of the amplifier I didn't feel I was loud or clear enough but soon as I moved 10 or 15 ft away I heard that I had a tremendous room filling extremely bass heavy quite nice sound The rumor about the original Acoustic 360 with the 8 in speaker was that when you stood on top of it you didn't really heard the sound very clearly you had to go back from the stage 10 rows or more to hear how loud it actually was It has something to do with the length of the wave that the bass speaker was putting out Again, this is not the same technology but I was quite surprised to hear that I needed to get 10 ft or further away to actually hear the correct sound of the amplifier So there's something reminiscent of the original 360 going on here Only a 100W amplifier and only a tenant speaker so there're limits but you'd be surprised how much gain you get out of it specially when you stand far enough away to appreciated.
So, all and all, the 260 is a winner, Excellent clear sound very good volume, for its rated output able to do small gigs without trouble
easy to bring around, and a true still at $299

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