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A look at Acoustic bass and guitars cabinets history

Acoustic the Rolls Royce of the bass cabinets of the last century is back with some new and existing line. In this video we go back to Acoustic's history and the reasons behind its legendary success with cabinets such as the Acoustic 361 combo.

Here's the video transcript for future references:
Hi, this is Martin from Loudest reviews and today we're going to talk about Acoustic.
Acoustic is a very dear brand to me in fact when I was in High-school
all the bassist crave Acoustic In fact, most of the time when other people
were hidden, lets just say some kinds of magazine under their beds
I was reading the Acoustic catalog In fact that Acoustic catalog was quite worn out by me.
My third bass amplifier My father chipped in the money and got my a
104 I'm sorry a ... 140 head and a ... 105 cabinet that was two fifteens...
I'm sorry a 140 head and a 106 cabinet It's called the 146 bass cabinet combination
125 watt head and a two fifteen speaker cabinet In those days, we're talking about the late 70s. An Acoustic 146 bass rig retail for about $900 dollars and you could
get in a store for maybe, I don't know... $700 or $750 I'm guessing... In today's dollars you're talking about something close to $2500 dollars. That was their basic line of separate bass and cabinets. So, Acoustic in the early days was very expensive The Acoustic models that I liked the best were the more expensive ones.
The 450 and the 470 head with the matching cabinets. They were very striking
not only do they have a light blue finish on some of the trimm pieces Some of the horns on one of the bass cabinets and guitar cabinets were this big white JBL horns
Very striking looking equipment. They were 4 things that made Acoustic a very unique company. The first of it was of course It sounded great In 1968 when their first amplifier came out the very famous 361. It had a power 30 inch cabinet and a separate pre-amp 361 was eventually adopted by all the big name bass players and made probably most famous by Jone Paul Jones and Jaco Pastorious. In fact Jaco Pastorious in his later days would be seen dragging it up and down the street of New York city going from club to club. He just wouldn't want to play on anything else The 361 was an icon for decades and decades. Very expensive equipment
Very high quality sound Very well made Extremely innovative design They did things that nobody else did... For example the use of horns The way they loaded the speakers. The circuit design. Not in small part due to the fact that they have three very talented people involved in the company Steve Marks, Russ Allee and Harvey Gerst. The trio that made Acoustic what it was. Eventhough the Acoustic company didn't last much past the late 80s The original designers of Acoustic went on to other companies in the musical industry whose names are very well known to us
So eventhough Acoustic is not its original form on the market you can still hear
the remembrance of the company In many other bass products on the market today
Not only was it, excellent sound very well made and very innovative from the design stand point It also was very attractive The Acoustic line from the 60s and 70s
used machine aluminum knobs against the light blue background So, the equipment was very good looking and very attractive to bassist Unfortunately, most of us couldn't afford it The Acoustic brand stay very viable on the 60s was a huge hit on the 70s
and by the 80s started to fade and the company eventually closed its doors they were a few attempts to revive the brand not of them successful.
About two years ago in the midst of several people trying to bring the brand back
the line actually emerged again very intriguing to me because I didn't even know that someone was working on bringing the entire Acoustic line back to market
The models that came back where reminiscent of the 70s style Acoustic and were found at Guitar Center stores and Guitar center's affiliates and were very inexpensive.
In fact the first Acoustic product that came back was a small combo. My first though when seen the line back on the market was...
Mmm, that's not too good.
this famous very expensive, very well engineered company is now back as a
looks like a brand engineered $199.00 combo. Another great american brand has fade into oblivion So, I really didn't pay any attention to it for a year or two
Finally, a model came back called the 260 and that was a very ... Interesting piece, because It was reminiscent of the style of the 360 the most famous of the Acoustic line but scaled down to less than half its size When I say the price of $299 dollars I said well, this is not going to be very good. So, I didn't paid much attention to it Although, I kept on thing about it I wonder how that 260 sounds like Eventually I got myself one and here's the 260 that I brought. We hope you enjoyed this look at the history of Acoustic amplifiers Check back shortly for a full review Acoustic 260 and the rest of the line.

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