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Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe

Meinl African rope tuned wood Djembe, Earth L

Check out our video of the Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

This is another review for Loudest reviews.com My name is Diego Today we have this Meinl drum Meinl is a German company that does a lot of percussion instruments they do some really nice stuff and this is not exception This drum is originally made and manufactured in Indonesia It's made out of Mahogany wood that is legal harvest Mahogany wood
and that's very important You can see that its rope system It's original with the african drums It also has a very nice
goat skin that is very easy with the hands and is also a nice touch because is not a manufactured skin is a real thing
You can see that the carving on the drum itself is real pretty I'm going to put it here at the light It has some very nice details the carving itself and It's made by someone who really knows how to make drums I'll compare this to any other high-quality drum that that comes from Indonesia Although I like this one better because of the features It also comes with a really nice padded bag Here this is the padded bag I was telling you about It has a really nice padded bag
and it comes with this two things to carry it around It's really good quality I was extremely surprised about the quality of the bag Not only fits the drum perfectly and protects it from any problems or damage that It might occur but It's comfortable to carry it around and that's extremely important because it allows you to take your drum many places
The weight is the regular weight that you would expect from a drum of this category The rope, is really good quality rope The only thing, the only concern that I have towards this instrument is the bottom I'd have expected to have some type of protection some rubber ring or something to protect it from cracks and falls and any other type of damage
I really like the slap I think is really tight, is really good the bass is also good and the tone as well Although I'd prefer maybe a bigger drum to get a bigger sound, if you know what I mean. Overall, I really like the drum I think they did a really good job It comes untuned and then you have to tune it yourself that takes some time, if you don't have experience don't panic, it happen to all of us It's just a matter of pulling the diamonds properly and take your time
use your body's strength and is going to be fine Overall is a really nice drum, I really like it I had a lot of fun playing it
I carried it around for different gigs and drum circles and I have to say that I was impressed I was impress because of its size and because of its volume So, I invite you to check it yourself and let us know what you think Also, if you want to have another instrument reviewed at our site if you think you want to see how an instrument plays or behaves
let us know, drop us a line and we'll try to find it for you and post it on one of our videos My name is Diego, signing off for Loudest reviews This was the Meinl Djembe, African djembe and hope to see you in any other of our next videos
take care

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