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Mannedesign Ventura T | Video review

Check out our video of theMannedesign Ventura T. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

Hello. This is Gervasio from Neworld music. This is our first review for Loudest reviews We appreciate the time to share with you This new model by Mannedesign is the Ventura T model Mannedesign is a company created by
Andrea Ballarin It's an Italian luthier that has been making custom made guitars, high-end guitars since the 80s
The set-up that arrives from the factory is just pristine quality You can see that it has all very nice features that you usually would find in high-end custom made instruments only Starting from the head the tuners are very precise
I've experienced while tuning the instrument you can see that they're very precise tuners they're custom made for Manne It has an incredible nut that give the instrument a great sustain together with Wilkinson tremolo bar
really when you look at the finish of the guitar you can see it has an amazing lacquer finish and very nice natural wood showing in the bottom One other thing I noticed, is that It has really nice high frets that helps for a very
easy playability when doing fast phrasing Speaking in general, I would say that I love the playability of the instrument the way it's set up even though it has some it comes with 9 or 10 strings I usually use a little thicker strings even though it doesn't have my type of string it feels very natural Picking It's very easy to pick and
skip from string to string I'm not here to make technique exercises this is some open strings I'm using the neck
pickup This is the neck and the middle I feel that the Wilkinson tremolo bar works fantastic I’d say it's better than the usual Strat type of tremolo. I'm used to play with a strat but this Wilkinson feels amazing it goes up and down
This would be a clean sound with the mid pickup, this one Now I'm using the mid and the Humbucker Also something nice from the factory you can see that they're all well balanced When you change from one to the other
The tone improves a little bit because of the different position of the microphone but the volume stays consistent
Now we're going to be testing the instrument in the dirty channel this is just the distortion channel from the Tone Master amp I would say it doesn't sound as bluesy maybe as a Fender strat that type of a neck pickup that you usually get from a Fender Strat It doesn't sound as bluesy as that I’d not use it for Stevie Ray Vaughan kind of sound
I'd prefer a Strat for that but this is good for more of a Rock. I'll show you what I mean With a little more power for Rock Couple of final thought on the guitar I think it has an amazing sustain that has to do with the high quality
nut and tremolo bar Great instrument where you can see an amazing Italian design guitar with custom made luthier quality at an affordable price Basically I think that the target musician would be somebody that wants a guitar for rock music It's a versatile instrument, but mainly I'd use it for a Rock group, a Rock - pop group that needs a variety of sounds I love the Humbacker with a distorted sound and in the clean sound I prefer using the neck pickup
So once again, thank you very much this is our first review for Loudest reviews so I hope you enjoyed and you can test it yourself.

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