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LightWave Atlantis guitar

LightWave Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitar with Spruce Top, Clear Gloss

Check out our video of the LightWave system Atlantis. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

Hello Everybody, this is the LightWave Atlantis we are reviewing today LightWave has developed an optical transparent pickup that is unique it has it patented It uses infrared light to detect when the strings are vibrating
so it not interfere with the movement instead of having a magnetic field around the strings it uses infrared light
to see the movement of the strings this system gives you a very natural sound It uses a battery, a rechargeable battery a supplied transformer that plugs here and charges the battery that it's located inside here A whole PCV board that you can see through, It's pretty cool to look at it It reads the movement of the shadow the strings give on the infrared light it transforms that into an audio signal. Some of the things that this type of audio pickup system gives you is a very natural, long sustain Another very important thing and this is important thing,
and this is important for people that would use this instrument live is that it has a very low noise so, it's pretty silent and all the elements like lights that usually affect a lot of the magnetic pickups would not affect this type of optical light system it doesn't have any magnets so it's very easy to tone shape the audio signal you can EQ it a lot
so you can get more you know, a sound with more with deep ends, or lots of mids or take the mids out We're plugging direct through a direct box into the camera so you would here, into a pre-amp of our camera so you would here it just very naturally You definitely notices that it has very long sustain you can here the notes ringing for a long time that's very important for a lot of styles I'm pretty sure that this is a perfect instrument for playing live since it would not bring feedback you don't have the sound hole here so It's definetely good for a singer song writer with a backing band It also has very good intonation some acoustic guitars this precise intonation I think that shows us It's been designed and tested It's all made in the US It has a good intonation so all the cords sound
sound perfectly in tune in all the position in the open position you know, in the fifth fret in the tenth fret so that’s a
good The playability of the instrument is really, really unique I would say it plays more and this a good thing I'm more of a electric guitar player and I'd say that plays more like an electric guitar meaning that has a playability
thats way easier you know that there's some acoustic guitars that they're pretty hard to play mainly when it comes
down to a phrase this is pretty natural closer to what you know a electric guitar players used to in regards to playability Plugging direct into a rock amp something good to point our it has a lot of hot output I have it fairly in the minimum and It's giving me really more than a electric guitar is giving me Another very important feature
and playability is that you have the volume here and again, this is a kind of an electric guitar kind of feature because you can touch the volume pretty easily for this matter, you can be playing acoustic in lower volume and then when you have to play lead you can go To summarize the usage I would say that it's perfect for a
an acoustic player that has a backup band is a very clean sound there's no feedback for playing live you can play even louder than this that would be pretty loud and not get any feedback This guitar would give them a very clean tone with a nice sustain a particular sound that it's very easy to shape with an EQ The only thing you have to remember is to have your batteries charged you have to plugged in when you have them fully charged they would last for a couple of gigs Well, give it a shot This is the LightWave Atlantis signig off for loudest reviews this is Gervasio
thank you very much.

LightWave Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitar with Spruce Top, Clear Gloss

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