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  • The TC Electronics Staccato 51
    Rocco's Tower of Power bass secret.

    Tc Electronics
  • The Ibanez ATB200 Artcore Series Bass Guitar
    Rich earthy, woodier sound in a sexy hollow body.

    Ibanez Artcore
  • The Phil Jones Bass Cub Combo
    Listen to the versatile shoe box
    size amp that sounds great!

    Phil Jones Bass Cub review
  • The Tycoon Percussion Cajon
    The Vertex Series Cajon is here, Check it out!.

    Tycoon Vertex series cajon
  • The Orange Terror 500W Combo
    A Warm and vintage sound covered in Orange.

  • The Epiphone Wilshire winner review!
    A re issue of a very classic guitar at a very affordable price.

  • The Acoustic's 260 review is here
    Check out this small amp with huge sound.

  • Join us for Acoustic's History
    the Rolls royce of bass cabinets and amplifiers.

  • Join us on our first review of the
    Mannedesign Ventura T guitar

  • It's the Toca Black Mamba
    A rhythmic adventure you can't miss!

  • The unique and only Atlantis by
    LightWave System


TC Electronics Staccato 51 Bass head review

TC Electronic Staccato '51 450W Bass Amp Head Custom-Tuned by Rocco Prestia from Tower of Power

Welcome back again to another episode of Loudest Reviews. This is the TC Electronics Staccato '51. 51 is for 1951 Which is the year Rocco Prestia
The Fabulous bass player for Tower of Power was born.
Staccato '51 was a joined effort between Uffe Hansen at TC Electronics in Denmark and Rocco After the original TC Electronic bass had came out RH 450 TC Electronics approach Rocco and they said if he being interested in trying and he said yes, and they collaborated on modifying the original 450 into this new Staccato '51


Ibanez AFB200 Artcore Hollow Body Bass Guitar Review

Welcome back to another episode of loudest reviews. This is the Ibanez AFB 200 Artcore. Hollow body bass guitar.
I have to say that people's impressions of an instrument are always form by what they come to the table with like if it's a famous name they might think Well, It's going to be a pretty good instrument they cut a lot of slack. I remember years ago I played an inexpensive Ibanez bass that a student bass player was using and I said ....
You know, that's .... that's really not a very good bass You have to get something better.


Phil Jones Bass Cub Bass Combo Review

Hi, It's Martin again from Loudest reviews thanks everybody for tuning in again
this is a latest review of the Phil Jones Bass Cub.
The bass cub combo It's Phil's attempt to make the smallest lightest bass amplifier that you can really use on a gig in the market. Now I know that Phil It would say is a practice amp. If you're sensitive about your volumes and the band doesn't play extremely loud and the drummer is somewhat sensitive and you position it properly
you can actually use it on a small gig. A duo, a trio or maybe even a quartet
Absolutely for upright bass with the assumption of the upright bass the band
is not playing that loud anyway I had a long Let's say affair with Phil Jones
don't tell his wife!


Tycoon Percussion Cajon Vertex Series Review

Tycoon Vertex Series Cajon with Bubinga Body and Makah Burl Front Plate

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Loudest Reviews. Today we have this wonderful cajon by Tycoon Percussion. It's the Vertex Series
and It's made out of Bubinga wood. Bubinga wood is mainly found in Africa and it's one of the Rosewood family. You can see it because of the red color of the cajon
Tycoon percussion has been doing a lot of very nice and interesting products since 2006. They started they operations here in America in 2006.
One of the key features of the Bubinga wood is its bright and clear tone and you can definitely hear that when you're playing the instrument.
I really like the combination of the different sounds but I'd have to say I was extremely impress by how deep and rich the bass tone was
This cajon is made in Thailand. It has a pyramid style shape and you can see on the edges that they were all rounded, that actually increases the comfortably of the person playing on top of it.


Orange Terror Bass Head & Cabinet | Bass Head and Combo Review

Orange Amplifiers Terror Bass 500 Series BT500H 500W Bass Amp Head

Martin does a very completely first look of the Orange Terror 500W Bass Combo.
Here's the video transcript for future references:

Welcome back to another episode of Loudest reviews. I'm happy to say that we have Orange. Orange is a very interesting company.
They were founded by Cliff Cooper in 1968 in London England. I played my first Orange bass amplifier, actually a guitar amplifier
and an Orange guitar cabinet I think it might being a 2 12. In a gig in 1977 in a bar, and I remember walking with my Fender Jazz Bass.
The guy said, don't bring your amp, we have a bass amp. So I walk in and I see this Orange, the strangest looking thing I have ever seen.
1950s style knobs and graphics, really big, this kind of orangy picture frame around a white face...
I said: Did that came out of a science lab ? what the heck is that ? So he said, No, no... Just trust me, try it.
I said, well that's a very strange bass amp... Well it's really a guitar amp. You must be kidding, I'm not going to play through a guitar amp!
Kind of a big show for us.


Epiphone Wilshire guitar review | Loudest Review Winner!

Epiphone Worn '66 Wilshire Electric Guitar, Worn Cherry

Herbie does a very entertaining look of the new Epiphone Wilshire re issue. Listen also to the audio samples we have prepared in the video as well as some this tracks taken from a 24 bit professional recording studio.

Line Guitar - pickup: Brige - AMp Simulator: Guitar Rig on ProTools
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge - 2 guitar tracks
Miked Cabinet with SM57- pickup: Bridge - SINGLE NOTE ARPEGIO ( We like this one )
4 guitars mixed
Full mix with other instruments ( We like it!
Here's the video transcript for future references:
H Everybody. Welcome again to one of the videos by Loudest reviews.
Today we're going to be showing you a re issue of the Epiphone Wilshire.
This a classic design that Epiphone started doing in the early 60s.
Originally came out with some other humbuckers, the P90 single coils. Later on on 65, 66 they switch to this type of humbucker, the mini humbuckers, and that became a classic among rock artist. From Jimmy Hendrix, to Johnny winters, Paul Gilbert


Acoustic 260 bass amp combo review | Loudest Review bass winner!

Acoustic 260 100W 1x10 Bass Mini Stack, Black

Martin does an exhaustive video look of the new Acoustic 260 bass combo. It might come in a small package, but it carries some enormous bass sound.

Here's the video transcript for future references:
This is Martin from Loudest Reviews and Today we're going to talk about Acoustic.
In the 1990 several different individuals were working on bringing the Acoustic brand back. None of them were successful except for two: the brand we have here today and another very premium version that is coming. A scale down version of the famous 360, 361 but brought down to a $299 practice amp It was so cute, I couldn't resist. So eventually I brought the Acoustic 260 and to my surprise when I got it home It sounded very good.


A look at Acoustic bass and guitars cabinets history

Acoustic the Rolls Royce of the bass cabinets of the last century is back with some new and existing line. In this video we go back to Acoustic's history and the reasons behind its legendary success with cabinets such as the Acoustic 361 combo.

Here's the video transcript for future references:
Hi, this is Martin from Loudest reviews and today we're going to talk about Acoustic.
Acoustic is a very dear brand to me in fact when I was in High-school
all the bassist crave Acoustic In fact, most of the time when other people
were hidden, lets just say some kinds of magazine under their beds
I was reading the Acoustic catalog In fact that Acoustic catalog was quite worn out by me.


Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe

Meinl African rope tuned wood Djembe, Earth L

Check out our video of the Meinl Earth Rhythm Djembe. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

This is another review for Loudest reviews.com My name is Diego Today we have this Meinl drum Meinl is a German company that does a lot of percussion instruments they do some really nice stuff and this is not exception This drum is originally made and manufactured in Indonesia It's made out of Mahogany wood that is legal harvest Mahogany wood
and that's very important You can see that its rope system It's original with the african drums It also has a very nice


Mannedesign Ventura T | Video review

Check out our video of theMannedesign Ventura T. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

Hello. This is Gervasio from Neworld music. This is our first review for Loudest reviews We appreciate the time to share with you This new model by Mannedesign is the Ventura T model Mannedesign is a company created by
Andrea Ballarin It's an Italian luthier that has been making custom made guitars, high-end guitars since the 80s
The set-up that arrives from the factory is just pristine quality You can see that it has all very nice features that you usually would find in high-end custom made instruments only Starting from the head the tuners are very precise
I've experienced while tuning the instrument you can see that they're very precise tuners they're custom made for Manne It has an incredible nut that give the instrument a great sustain together with Wilkinson tremolo bar
really when you look at the finish of the guitar you can see it has an amazing lacquer finish and very nice natural


LightWave Atlantis guitar

LightWave Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitar with Spruce Top, Clear Gloss

Check out our video of the LightWave system Atlantis. Here's the video's transcript for future references:

Hello Everybody, this is the LightWave Atlantis we are reviewing today LightWave has developed an optical transparent pickup that is unique it has it patented It uses infrared light to detect when the strings are vibrating
so it not interfere with the movement instead of having a magnetic field around the strings it uses infrared light
to see the movement of the strings this system gives you a very natural sound It uses a battery, a rechargeable battery a supplied transformer that plugs here and charges the battery that it's located inside here A whole PCV


Toca Black Mamba djembe

Toca Synergy Black Mamba Djembe with Bag and Djembe Hat, 13 In

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Ibanez RG Prestige 10th Anniversary, limited edition!

When we say the RG Prestige 10th Anniversary Limited Editions are limited...we mean it! These Ibanez guitars carry their world famous thin, fast necks, and hard edged tones. Best of all, they are 100% quality crafted in Japan by award winning Ibanez guitar makers with over 100 combined years of expert guitar building experience.


Epiphone Introduces a new Limited Edition 1960 Les Paul Standard

Epiphone introduces the new, Ltd Ed "1960" Les Paul Standard honoring 50 years from the start of an era. The 1960 Les Paul initially carried over the same basic specifications as its predecessor from 1959. Among these details were the full, rounded "D" shaped neck profile, top-hat control knobs, and optional Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. These characteristics can be found in Epiphone's new "Version-1" 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard.